Raining Nails’s highly anticipated new album takes a step closer to release with the unveiling of its first single. Titled Anthem, this track gives a tantalizing taste of the musical journey fans can expect from the upcoming album. The band has taken their time crafting this musical masterpiece, carefully choosing the songs that shape their distinctive sound. Featuring mesmerizing melodies, introspective lyrics, and catchy riffs.

Speaking about the new single, Marika’s lead vocalist expressed their enthusiasm, saying, “When Max played this track for me, I was struck by the energy it exuded. I have to say that I was afraid that I couldn’t find the right words to express what the music had conveyed to me. I was thinking and thinking about what I could write, and then it was like suddenly waking up. I found myself laughing to myself and thinking, “Hey, but this song is about us!” And this “us” is not just about the members of the Raining Nails; it encapsulates the lives of underground musicians who elbow their way in so that their voices can be heard; it’s about all the men and women who tread this earth and day in and day out struggle to be able to get by and survive.”


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